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Access the Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues SEL program from any browser or smart device
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Access the Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues SEL program from anywhere and anytime

Social Emotional Learning
that Nurtures the Heart

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Animated Short Lessons

5 Time Emmy Award-Winning Program

Featuring 63 engaging lessons that gets to the heart of Social Emotional Learning. In just a short 10-12 minute video, your students will experience a fun and effective way to develop good character. Each lesson has a short wrap-up at the end, which features the main character from the episode. Your teachers will love how quick and easy it is to implement SEL in their classrooms, thanks to these resources that were designed by educators specifically for educators.

A brief preview of our lesson on Sharing
Animated Lessons
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
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Teacher's Lesson Page
Lesson Guides

Lesson Guides

Comprehensive Teacher Materials

Every one of our 63 quick and easy lesson plans are ready to go whenever and wherever you are, with little to no prep! Our downloadable guides are jam packed with:

  • Lesson Summary and Objectives

  • Discussion Questions

  • Classroom Activities

  • Vocabulary List

  • Physical Fitness Activity

  • Printable Activity Pages and Answer Keys

Student Activity Page
Teacher Lesson Page
Downloadable lesson guides can be accessed on mobile devices too
Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues SEL Lesson Guide for Sharing

Activity Pages

Grade Level Specific Activities

Each lesson includes 15 fun and engaging activity pages that supports the lesson. They are designed for three specific grade levels and include answer keys (K-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade and 5th-6th). That's 965 different activity sheets!


Whether it's a coloring page, maze, code-breaker, match game or any one of the many others, your students will have fun with Social Emotional Learning.

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Recognizing Efforts

Each of the 9-Virtues includes a downloadable award-certificate that can be easily personalized and presented to your students for their efforts with a specific virtue. 

Activity Pages
Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues SEL - SHARING Activity Page
Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues SEL - SHARING Activity Page
Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues SEL - SHARING Activity Page
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