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The Auto-B-Good™ 9-Virtues SEL program program has helped schools all around the globe with our award-winning animated short stories that teach good character lessons. The result is that students learn to become personally responsible and gain healthy self esteem. Students being more motivated, having improved behavior and better grades are not the only benefits to Social Emotional Learning. The overall morale and retention rates for teachers, along with positive school spirit are also shown to dramatically improve.

These materials have been correlated to Common Core and each state's standards for Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Language Arts, Social Studies and Physical Education (PE). Each of our 63 lessons seamlessly integrate into the 5-Core Competencies of SEL.

There's lots of good reasons to use the Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues SEL resources

Social Emotional Learning with the
9-Virtues Program

Making easy to access great content in the palm of your hand
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Increases academic performance, SEL skills, positive attitudes and positive social behaviors while decreasing conduct problems, emotional distress and drug use.

Benefits of SEL

A 2017 research study finds that SEL programs benefit children for months and even years.


Programs reviewed
(38 from outside US)



kindergarten through

middle school


Effects assessed

after program completion

Higher social and emotional competencies among SEL students at the end of the initial intervention was the best predictor of long-term benefits. Benefits were the same regardless of socioeconomic background, students’ race, or school location.

Source: Child Development (July 2017). “Promoting Positive Youth Development Through School-Based Social and Emotional Learning Interventions:

A Meta-Analysis of Follow-Up Effects”

What's Included

Video Shorts

63 Emmy Award-winning animated short lessons that are 10-15 minutes in length and supported by comprehensive lesson guides.

Lesson Guides

Each of the 63 lessons includes a teachers guide with discussion questions, classroom activities, vocab list and physical education component.


Every lesson includes loads of fun student activity pages that are grade-level specific, along with their corresponding answer keys.


There are Award Certificates for each of our 9-Virtues that can be personalized and presented to your students in recognition of their efforts.

Our 9-Virtues 

Social Emotional Learning that nurtures the heart
9-Virtues Intro

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