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Healthy Touch, Good Boundaries, Safe Kids

The best curriculum for teaching sexual abuse prevention in schools.

Parents and Teachers are the first line of defense against childhood sexual abuse. Introduce your children and students to this worrisome topic in a simplified, interactive, Healthy Touch Workshop. Since the passing of Erin’s Law, sexual abuse and appropriate touch have been included in many states’ school curriculum, with more states to follow. 

Our trusted program educates parents, teachers and children about No/Go/Tell techniques that can be easily implemented to keep children SAFE. 

Includes classroom materials, videos as well as information for parents, including a parent/guardian permission form.

StarShine Workshop is a series that helps children and young adults navigate the challenges of today's world. Through exploration of relevant topics kids will discover the facts and grow in their ability to make healthy life choices. 

You can purchase a digital license by following the links below. For purchase orders call 888.900.4090.


Internet Safety for Kids

In this episode of StarShine Workshop, we take a journey into the world of the Internet. Kids will discover Five Keys to staying safe online through a hip, fast-paced style and age appropriate information. Using real stories and expert advice this information packed program provides practical, proven strategies to keep your kids safe.

Raising Hands
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