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WoW: Couthie

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

What is Couthie?

Couthie is an 18th century Scottish word meaning pleasant, kindly, and sociable. Other more common words often used in place of couthie would be comfortable, friendly, and agreeable. When using couthie as an adjective its word form is couthily. Its noun form is couthiness.

In Scottish literature it is most used as an adjective to describe people’s character and behavior. In many poems and literature, the authors use the word to mean trustworthy, close and friendly, and as a familiar confidant. In this particular case we are looking at couthie for its relation to kind or kindly.

Kind as you know, is one of the nine virtues in our program and its definition goes hand in hand with couthie. When thinking about a friend considered to be kind, couthie is a fun and unique word to use to describe them. Those in your life who display elements of couthiness probably are sociable and pleasant to be around. When they speak to you it is in a friendly tone and they make you feel comfortable around them. That right there is also the definition of kindness being lived out. If the script was flipped, would others feel comfortable around you? Would they use couthie to describe your character?

Today’s Takeaway:

Couthie is not a commonly used term when describing a kind and pleasant person but it is a great word to add to our vocabulary. In order to demonstrate true kindness we need to strive to be more couthie. This means being friendly and sociable with those around us and speaking with a pleasant tone to make those around us feel comfortable.


Parting Challenge:

Make it a priority this week to do an act of kindness for someone. Have a pleasant and sociable experience with a friend and introduce them to this new word in a fun and unique way.


Continuing The Conversation:

Learning to be couthie doesn’t have to stop here. Reflect on these questions and thoughts this week to put couthie into practice.

  • What are some creative ways you can introduce the word couthie into the classroom with your students to teach them the importance of kindness?

  • Who is the most kind person in your life right now and what act of kindness did they pay to you?

  • What kind act have you given to someone else that you feel the best about?

  • Engage your students in a classroom discussion about how they can show kindness to each other and to others, and encourage them to look for ways to kind.

We love to hear your stories!

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