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WoW: Peiskos

What is Peiskos?

Peiskos is an intriguing Norwegian word that describes the feeling one gets when sitting in front of a cracking fireplace enjoying the warmth. Umm, yes... Sign me up, please! It is still the middle of a cold winter for a lot of us right now and I could certainly use a dose or two of Peiskos. Very few things provide the tremendous warmth and coziness a fire in the dead of winter can.

While Peiskos is typically used in a noun form, we view it as much more, Peiskos as a concept and a verb. It is the act of sitting by a fire being warmed, cozy and comforted in the midst of harsh conditions. Life can be challenging at times. A fire's warm glow radiates deep into our core. It calms and soothes our body, mind and soul. What a great concept to make time for, time to take a break from chaos of life and just be! It can also be an activity you do with a friend or loved one. Snuggling up by the fire with a loved one can be a great moment together. Sitting fireside with a friend and a hot coco and just celebrating your companionship with each other can also be beneficial. I’m sure you are familiar with the term of a “fireside chat”. Peiskos can be that “fireside chat” you need to make time for yourself or with dear friends!

Today’s Takeaway:

Peiskos is a Norwegian word that reminds us of the desire to be in the presence of a crackling fire, feeling the warmth and comfort it provides. Taking the time to experience the thoughts, feelings, and emotions this activity offers can be of value to your mind, body, and soul. Many of us are not the best at carving out time in our lives for relaxation and reflection, Peiskos is a great reminder to do just that. Can't get away for a real fire? Peiskos can still be achieved without an actual fireplace. Pull up a nice video of a crackling fire on your computer or TV and let that set the mood a typical fire would create. Grab a few blankets, your cup of hot chocolate, and experience some Peiskos today!


Parting Challenge:

Designate a specific time this week in your day to experience the benefits of Peiskos by sitting by an actual fire. Bonus points for making it a fireside chat with a colleague, good friend or loved one.


Continuing the Conversation:

Need some ideas to enhance your Peiskos experience? Here are some thoughts and suggestions for your next Peiskos.

  • Pick anyone from history you’d like to have a fireside chat with and what’s the first question you would ask them?

  • What is your go to drink, snack, and movie or book to enjoy beside a fire?

  • Think back to a memory or experience that stands out involving a fireplace or bonfire. What was so memorable about that experience?

  • If you could sit beside a fire indoor or outdoor anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

We love to hear your stories!

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